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Share Your Documents

Looking for the best solution to manage your Documents on a WordPress site? Just use this File Browser and manage your Documents easily via your favorite cloud platform. The File Browser will make sure that your files are automatically shown on your WordPress site.

WP Cloud Plugins | Manage and Share your Documents in the Cloud on a WordPress site
WP Cloud Plugins | Manage permissions per WP Userrole


Permissions per WP Userrole

The plugin perfectly integrates into the WordPress User system allowing you to select which User Roles should have the permission to …

  • view your documents
  • download your documents
  • upload new content
  • rename your files
  • delete files and/or folder
  • edit your documents inline (when supported by the Cloud Service)
  • share direct links to the content


Inline Preview

Directly see your Documents or Pictures in an amazing Lightbox that is included in the plugin. Our WP Cloud Plugins are able to render almost every kind of Document so your visitors don’t need to download them before they can see the contents.

WP Cloud Plugins | Manage and Share your Documents in the Cloud on a WordPress site
WP Cloud Plugins | Smart Client Area - Easily and securely share documents in the Cloud with your clients.

Build your own Client Area with

User Folders

Easily and securely share documents via the Cloud with your clients. The Private Folders feature allows your clients to preview, download and upload documents to their own private folder. You can link your WordPress Users manually to their own folder or let the plugin handle this for you!

Simplicity is our Credo

Rapidly integrate your Cloud Service into your pages and posts in a highly customizable and user-friendly way.

No Coding Knowledge is Required!

Files & Full Text


Let your users search your files by file name and extension. You also have the ability to use the full-text search which allows you to search beyond the names of your files.

WP Cloud Plugins | Full Text Search

Track Events Via

Notifications & Google Analytics

Do you want to track preview, downloads, streams, uploads and of your files? Our plugins can send all events to your Google Analytics Account. Besides that, the plugins have a customizable notification system which can send emails when an user downloads a document or uploads a file! This system will inform immediately you when your client needs your attention!

Smart Loading And

Optimized Performance

Good looks aren’t everything, so we made sure that our WP Cloud Plugins also load lightning fast! Our intelligent Caching System will make sure that everything is running smoothly! Furthermore, to save your time and bandwidth, WP Cloud Plugins only the javascript files that are used on the page – no extra traffic and faster loading!

WP Cloud Plugins | Optimized Performance

Choose Your Plugin

Each plugin has its own advantages. Not sure which one fits your need? Compare them!

For OneDrive

WP Cloud Plugin Share-one-Drive | OneDrive plugin for WordPress

For Google Drive

WP Cloud Plugin Use-your-Drive | Google Drive plugin for WordPress

For Dropbox

WP Cloud Plugin Out-of-the-Box | Dropbox plugin for WordPress


WP Cloud Plugin Lets-Box | BOX plugin for WordPress
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