Easily embed all common file formats

Embed Documents

Embedded your documents directly in-line by using the Google’s interactive viewer. Your visitors will not require to have Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, PowerPoint, or other software installed to view the contents.

Supported file formats include among others: Google Docs, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX), Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX), Microsoft Excel (XLS/XLSX), TIFF Images (TIF, TIFF), Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Autodesk AutoCad (DXF), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), PostScript (EPS/PS)

Embedded image:

Google Document (editable or not editable):

Google Spreadsheet (editable or not editable):

Google Presentation:

Adobe PDF:

Microsoft Office .doc file:

Microsoft Office .xlsx file:

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For OneDrive

WP Cloud Plugin Share-one-Drive | OneDrive plugin for WordPress

For Google Drive

WP Cloud Plugin Use-your-Drive | Google Drive plugin for WordPress

For Dropbox

WP Cloud Plugin Out-of-the-Box | Dropbox plugin for WordPress


WP Cloud Plugin Lets-Box | BOX plugin for WordPress
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