Upload Box

Looking for the best way to let your users upload content to your cloud account? This gives you the tools and is even more powerful with its form integrations.


Upload to the cloud

The WP Cloud plugin comes with a sweet Upload Box that allows your users to upload files to your cloud.

  • Easily upload documents to your cloud account.
  • Standalone Upload Box or in combination with a File Browser module.
  • Set your own requirements, restrict by file extension, size and number of files uploaded.
  • Overwrite existing files or automatically rename new files
  • Create your perfect upload form in combination with one of the form integrations.
Build your own client area

Want user uploads in their own folder?

Share documents with your customers easily and securely via the cloud.

The Upload Box is particularly powerful when combined with the Dynamic Folder feature. It allows your clients to preview, download and upload documents to their ‘own’ private folder. The client will not be able to access any content outside of their own folder.

You can manually link your WordPress users to their own folder or let the plugin do it for you!

Create your own

Upload form

Want more flexibility than the upload form included in our cloud plugins? Our plugins seamlessly integrate with multiple form plugins, allowing you to create the perfect form you are looking for!

The form fields can even be used to dynamically set the upload location or rename files.


Take your WooCommerce website to the next level!

With WP Cloud Plugins your customers can attach their documents directly to their order after checkout.

Take your WooCommerce website to the next level and let your customers attach their documents to their orders after purchasing. The plugin uploads the content to a, fully customizable, order-specific folder in your linked cloud account and adds an upload box to the order page and thank you page.

The uploaded files are accessible to the customer via their My Account page and to you via the order details in the backend. Or, of course, simply manage the order-related documents through your cloud software and take full advantage of the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Ready to streamline your WooCommerce operations? Try our innovative plugin today and take your e-commerce game to the next level!

Control your uploads

Upload Requirements

Do you want your users to be able to upload entire folders or just files? Do you want to receive images only? Make sure your customers can only upload high quality videos of at least 100MB? Allow descriptions? Should files be renamed with a dynamic prefix or suffix?

Set the type of restrictions and customizations you want to apply per upload field.

Demo using Google Drive

Why would you use it?

WP Cloud Plugin gives you the tools to let your users upload files to your cloud account in a highly customizable and user-friendly way. No coding knowledge required!

All in the cloud

No data is copied to your server and all your files will stay in the cloud.

Drag & Drop

Simply drag & drop your files to upload keeping folder structures.

Dynamic folders

Stores uploads easily and securely into the the users own private folder

Upload restrictions

Control file format, file size, max uploads and more!

Email Notifications

Inform you and your users of received uploads via notifications.

Available integrations

Powerful Form & WooCommerce integrations.

Fast uploads

Direct uploads to the cloud. No server limits. Google Drive, OneDrive (Unlimited). Dropbox (<300MB).


Plugin is already translated into the 15 most used languages.

Easy setup

Link your account, add the module to your site and choose your folder. Done.


What makes it your #1 choice?

Its easy-to-use modules save you hours of time managing documents and media on your site, keeping your content in the cloud.

Includes great features and integrations that allow you to highly customisable, powerful solutions for your customers with just a few clicks.​

Well reviewed, maintained and supported for over 10 years, making it an excellent future-proof plugin purchase!

Spot the Difference

Each cloud API has its own powerful features and advantages. Not sure which one fits your need? Compare them!


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What are you waitin' for?

Not sure yet? Use our playground to experiment with all the functionality of the plugins, both front-end and back-end.

Feel free to explore the possibilities and limitations of our plugins to see if it fits your needs!