File Browser

Looking for the best solution to share your cloud documents on a WordPress site? Just use this File Browser and manage your documents easily via your favorite cloud platform.


Share your documents

Tired of uploading and managing your documents on a WordPress site? Just use this File Browser to share your documents while they are stored on your favourite cloud platform. The File Browser ensures that your files are automatically displayed on your WordPress site.

Use our Shortcode Builder to easily add modules to your pages and customise them to your needs and tastes.


Inline Preview

Preview your PDFs, Office files, images and videos directly in a stunning lightbox that comes with the plugin. People don’t have to download them before they can see the content.

Depending on your cloud service, you can even preview 3D file formats, and the images in the lightbox are automatically optimised for fast previewing.

Demo using OneDrive & SharePoint

Demo using Google Drive

Even more powerful

Combine with Upload Box

WP Cloud Plugins comes with a nice Upload Box that can be combined with the File Browser. This box is particularly powerful in combination with the User Folder feature, which allows you to create a smart client area, giving each client their own private folder on your cloud.

Depending on the cloud service you use, uploads are sent directly to the cloud, bypassing your server’s upload limits.

Smart Client Area / Private folders

Link users to their 'own' folder

Share documents with your customers easily and securely via the cloud.

The Dynamic Folder feature of the plugin allows your clients to preview, download and upload documents in their ‘own’ private folder. You simply add a single File Browser module to (e.g.) your portal page with this feature enabled, and the plugin will ensure that each client can only access content within their own folder.

You can manually link your WordPress users to their own folder or let the plugin do it for you!

Demo using Google Drive

Full text search

Search for content

The search functionality is a great feature that helps you search for specific information within your cloud documents. You can use it to search for names, descriptions, tags and even within the text of your documents.

Instead of scrolling through all your documents to find what you need, our search function helps you quickly and accurately find the information you’re looking for.

Control which actions are allowed

Tailored Permissions

Choose who you want to have the right to perform which action.

The plugin integrates perfectly with the WordPress user system, allowing you to select which user roles or users should have permission to perform actions through the module. Configure who should be able to:

  • Access the module
  • Preview your documents
  • Download your documents
  • Upload new content
  • Rename your files/folders
  • Delete files/folder
  • Edit your documents inline (if supported)
  • Share direct links to the content

Demo using Box. Actions are not processed.

Track Events

Notifications & Reports

Want to track previews, downloads, streams, uploads and your files? Our plugins can track them all via their built-in events and reports and can also send them to your Google Analytics account. Receive an email summary with an overview of all the events that happened in a given time period

The plugins also have a customisable notification system that can send emails when a user downloads a document or uploads a file! This system will instantly inform you when your client needs your attention!

Why would you use it?

WP Cloud Plugin gives you the freedom to show your cloud content in a highly customizable and user-friendly way. No coding knowledge required!

All in the cloud

No data is copied to your server and all your files will stay in the cloud.

Inline previews

Directly see your documents and media in an amazing Lightbox.

Always in sync

Folders are automatically updated when your content is changed.

Easily managed

Manage your documents via the plugin or your cloud software.


Choose who you want to have the right to perform which action.

Private folders

Easily and securely share documents privately with your clients.

Content Search

Use the full-text search to search beyond the names of your files.


Your content will look great on both desktop and mobile pages.

Inline editing

Work on your documents directly via your site. (Google Drive & OneDrive only)


Get notified when someone downloads, uploads or deletes content.


Plugin is already translated into the 15 most used languages.

Easy setup

Link your account, add the module to your site and choose your folder. Done.


What makes it your #1 choice?

Its easy-to-use modules save you hours of time managing documents and media on your site, keeping your content in the cloud.

Includes great features and integrations that allow you to highly customisable, powerful solutions for your customers with just a few clicks.​

Well reviewed, maintained and supported for over 10 years, making it an excellent future-proof plugin purchase!

Spot the Difference

Each cloud API has its own powerful features and advantages. Not sure which one fits your need? Compare them!


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What are you waitin' for?

Not sure yet? Use our playground to experiment with all the functionality of the plugins, both front-end and back-end.

Feel free to explore the possibilities and limitations of our plugins to see if it fits your needs!