Carousel / Slider

Looking to enhance your WordPress site with stunning image galleries? Our Slider module has you covered! Effortlessly showcase your cloud-stored pictures.


Slider module

Effortlessly showcase your cloud-stored images in a dynamic way, simply manage your slider contents directly via your cloud account. Intuitive customization options via the build-in Shortcode Builder require no coding skills.

Enjoy responsive design that adapts to any device, ensuring your site looks stunning no matter where it’s viewed from.

Upgrade your website’s image galleries today!

Why would you use it?

WP Cloud Plugin gives you the freedom to show your cloud content via powerful modules. No coding knowledge required!

All in the cloud

No data is copied to your server and all your files will stay in the cloud.

Stunning results

Easily customize the appearance of the sliders without needing any coding skills.


Offers powerful features for navigation, auto-play, slide layouts and slide content.


Displays automatically generated thumbnails, perfectly positioned for maximum visual impact.


Ensures that the sliders display seamlessly and responsively across all devices.

Easily managed

Manage the content of the slider without needing to access the WordPress site.


What makes it your #1 choice?

Its easy-to-use modules save you hours of time managing documents and media on your site, keeping your content in the cloud.

Includes great features and integrations that allow you to highly customisable, powerful solutions for your customers with just a few clicks.​

Well reviewed, maintained and supported for over 10 years, making it an excellent future-proof plugin purchase!

Holy Grail


Create stunning timelapse videos effortlessly using the Carousel Module.

Keep your photo sequences in the cloud, and with just a few clicks, this module automatically combines your images into captivating timelapse videos

Try it now and witness the magic of time unfold before your eyes!

Spot the Difference

Each cloud API has its own powerful features and advantages. Not sure which one fits your need? Compare them!


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WordPress plugin for Google Drive, supports Google WorkSpaces


WordPress plugin for Dropbox Free, Personal & Business


WordPress plugin for Box Free, Personal & Business

What are you waitin' for?

Not sure yet? Use our playground to experiment with all the functionality of the plugins, both front-end and back-end.

Feel free to explore the possibilities and limitations of our plugins to see if it fits your needs!